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Rover Service Award

The Rover Service Award is presented to recognise an individual's outstanding contribution to Rovering over a sustained period.

Rover Service Award Badge



  1. The minimum length of service necessary to fulfill the qualifying period should be 5 years for Rovers and 10 years for Uniformed Members / Supporters.
  2. The length of service necessary to fulfill the qualifying period should take into consideration any involvement the individual may have had in other Branches.
  3. As this is specifically a Rover Award, only service to the Rover Section can be considered. Service to other Sections will not assist a nomination.
  4. Nominations must remain confidential and must not be discussed, either with the nominee or as part of the agenda at an open meeting.
  5. Where a Rover continues to provide outstanding service to the Section in an advisory position, the period of service whilst a Rover will count towards their eligibility.


Some Branch Rover Councils have chosen to impose additional requirements such as:

  • Nominee should be carrying out the responsibilities of his/her current appointment in the Rover Section to the highest standard.
  • Nominee should promote team work and a positive attitude among fellow Rovers.
  • Nominee should be a Rovering enthusiast and give a lead to other members of the Rover Section.

Review of Candidates and presentation of the award

There is usually a selection panel that reviews the applications and makes a recommendation. This usually incorporates someone from the Branches Adult Awards Committee.

The award is recommended by the Branch Rover Council and then finally approved by the Branch Chief Commissioner.

The award is usually presented at the Annual General Meeting, a Rover Dinner or a special presentation evening.

State variations

In some states the award is known by other names. Each Branch Rover Council has the right to use an individual additional name for the award to honour a distinguished former Leader in that Branch.


NSW - Stan Bales Rover Service Award

Stan first became a Leader at 1st Newtown (St Stephen's), in 1928 and then moved to 1st Petersham, where he was involved with the Scout Troop and then the Rover Crew. In 1954 Stan became Area Commissioner for Rovers in what was then Central West Metropolitan Area. In 1955 Stan moved to Branch and was NSW Branch Commissioner for Rovers until 1978 - an amazing 23 years! Stan saw many changes during his term of office including the introduction of women in Rovers and increasing self-government for the section.

As well as assisting in various roles at a large number of national Scouting
events, Stan was Deputy Moot Chief at the 7th World Rover Moot held in
Melbourne in 1961/62 and Moot Chief for the 6th Australian National Rover
Moot held in Sydney in 1974/75.

Stan was always willing to share his knowledge and assist any new leader.
Any Rover could approach Stan and he would willingly assist or advise when
he could.

For those who were Rovers during Stan's era, his red nightshirt and cap, and 6.00am wake-up calls with a hand bell at the annual NSW Rover Moot will always be fondly remembered. Stan was also always proud to proclaim "I'm an Aussie Rover"!

In 2001, the prestigious Rover Service Award in NSW was renamed the "Stan
Bales Rover Service Award" in recognition of Stan's great contribution to Rovering in the state. Stan himself was presented with this award in 1994

Stan passed away April 29, 2003, at the age of 92.


SA - Henry Rymill Award

Henry Rymill CBE was a past Chief Commissioner and Rover Commissioner (from 1932) in South Australia. Passing away on 8th January 1971, Henry Rymill CBE had been the Chief Scout of South Australia since 1936. The Rymill training centre at Woodhouse, Stirling, was named after him in 1973. Henry was a dominant force in establishing Rovers within South Australia.


Victoria - WF Waters Award

W.F. (Bill) Waters (dec.)
Headquarters Commissioner (Rovers) - 35 Years

W.F. (Bill) Waters was Headquarters Commissioner for Rovers for 35 years. Under his guidance and leadership, Victorian Rovers developed and built the Bogong & Baw Baw Rover Lodges, lead the way in activities (eg: Ski touring, bushwalking, etc.), ran the 7th World Moot and created the backbone of modern Rovering across the Country.

With this award, we acknowledge those who have contributed to Victorian Rovering over a number of years and provided outstanding service to the section.


Honour Rolls

Many of the Branch Rover Council websites contain honour rolls that record the people who have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to Rovering.


There are lots of people (both current Rovers, ex-Rovers and supporters) out there who have made a great contribution to Rovering at either local, regional, state and national level. So lets recognise those that have helped Rovers become what we are.

To nominate someone please contact your local Branch Rover Council