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BP Scout Peak Expedition

Adventure: an activity or journey where the outcome is uncertain

BP Scout Peak Expedition

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves.

BP Scout Peak Expedition

We’ve received a lot of feedback during the last month regarding the expedition, mainly from people struggling to get the required funds, skills, fitness and holiday leave in our time frames. This has been reflected in our applications numbers. With this in mind we have made the decision to move the expedition back a year to 2017 which will open this amazing opportunity up to more people.


So where to from here?


With the confusion in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake we have paused our discussions regarding future possible dates in 2017 to allow our company to focus on their staff, families and clients at this time. We appreciate your understanding in this delay.


Prices will vary from the currently advertised price, we will try to keep this to a minimum and let you know as soon as we have the final figure.


Langtang Valley, which is our route to Baden-Powell Peak, has been affected by the earthquake. With this in mind the itinerary may be altered.

Alpine School

Attending the 2017 Alpine School will be compulsory (and the 2016 will now not be) however if you would like to get some extra practice keep an eye on Facebook for the school details.

Is this because of the earthquake?

No, the decision was made in the week before the earthquake and participants who had put in Expressions of Interest informed. The earthquake is likely to influence what we do on our service project.


We will keep you updated both here and on our Facebook page