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BP Scout Peak Expedition

A once in a lifetime opportunity to climb Baden Powell Scout Peak in the remote hills of Nepal. Over 25 days, the contingent will trek through the Langtang Valley and climb along a breath- taking ridgeline to reach the summit which stands at 5,800m above sea level. We’ll roam the streets of Kathmandu, walk over ancient glaciers and spend over 20 days trekking through one of the most beautiful and isolated national parks in the world.

On our way back to Kathmandu, we’ll spend 5 days in the Langtang village, helping the village in their rebuilding efforts after the 2015 earthquake.

You’ll be pushed harder than ever before. It’s not for the faint hearted, high fitness standards are a must, and spaces are very limited. The Baden Powell Scout Peak expedition will truly be a trip to remember where you’ll come away with more than just a summit. 


Our expedition begins in Kathmandu, where over three days we’ll explore this incredible city and spend time with local Scouts. After a day of driving, we’ll arrive in Syapru Besi (1460m) - a small village north of Kathmandu. From here we’ll begin our trek.

 On our first day of trekking we’ll walk from Syapru Besi into the Langtang Valley and onto Lama Hotel (2748m) for our first night in tents. On the second day we arrive in the Langtang Village (3,500m) where we’ll spend 2 nights here to rest and allow our bodies to adjust to the higher altitude. Day 4 is a trek to the monastery- Kyajin Gompa where we’ll spend 3 days here, resting and climbing to the top of Langtang Ri (4,500 m) and Tsekro Ri (4,980m) peaks. On day 7 we’ll trek up to the base of Baden Powell Scout Peak (4,987m) and over the following days we will climb Baden Powell Scout Peak.                                                                                                                       

Although the ascent of the peak isn’t technically difficult, it will still be a long, hard day. On our summit attempt we’ll gain just under 1,000 m of vertical elevation and then descend another 1,000 m. It won’t be easy, but the climb offers unequalled views of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Palado and the Langtang Range and will truly be worth the climb!                                               

After summiting Baden Powell Scout Peak, we’ll trek down to the Langtang Village and spend 5 days working alongside the locals from the village, working together to build and maintain essential facilities including school classrooms and medical centres. The work we will be doing certainly won’t be a ‘token gesture’ and will be physically demanding. For up to eight hours a day in variable weather conditions, we’ll be sanding, sweeping, load carrying, painting, shovelling and building basic structures to help those in need.

On our trip, back to Kathmandu we’ll stop overnight again in Lama hotel and Syapru Besi. We’ll arrive back in Kathmandu, and after some much needed showers, we’ll spend our final days together sightseeing and on the final night have a party to celebrate our successful climb and service project.  


The exact price is yet to be finalised, but the approximate cost will be between $6,000 and $6,500.

This will include all flights (you will also have the option for independent travel), travel insurance, accommodation, food, water and trekking permits. It will also include the hire of a warm sleeping bag, mat, and mountaineering equipment, along with the contingent kit. 


To be eligible for the expedition you must:

·Born between 15th of December 1992 and 15th of July 2000 inclusive (i.e. minimum age 18 years, maximum age 25 years

·An invested Rover Scout who is a financial member of their Crew

·Must be recommended as suitable to attend by your Crew Leader or Region Rover Council Chair / Region Commissioner (Rovers), and be approved by your Branch Office and the Contingent Management Team.

· Have a high level of physical fitness (i.e. be able to walk between 20 and 30 km on steep, uneven terrain, with a heavy backpack for multiple days)

·Have experience with multi day bushwalks (i.e. 3 days or more)

Applications are now open! Head to to apply.