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National Rover Council

The National Rover Council is the governing body at the national level of the Rover Section, which comprises youth members aged 18 - 25. First formed in 1979, the National Rover Council represents the interests of each of the Branch Rover Councils and aims to develop and support the advancement of the Rover programme and operations of Rover government in Australia.


The National Rover Council executive are peer elected at the annual National Rover Council meetings and are responsible for following up on decisions made at these meetings. The executive liaise with Rovers in each Branch of Australia in order to develop new initiatives, share best practice examples and to encourage communication and shared experiences by Rovers throughout Australia. The National Rover Council executive take on representative roles as youth members to National councils and committees, with the National Rover Council Chairman being a member of the National Team of Scouts Australia and appointed as a Delegate of Scouts Australia to Asia-Pacific and World Scout Youth Forums and Conferences.


The National Rover Council also oversees the programme of Australian Rover Moots and the Rover component of Australian Ventures (Roverscope), which occur every three years. They also work with the National Team of Scouts Australia to foster relationships with Rovers in other countries and to share best practice examples so as to improve the Rover programme within Australia and abroad.


Previous National Rover Council's


Chairman- Alyssa Peers, Vice Chairman Geoff Hurst, Training & Development Rhian Blackwell


Chairman- Sophie Green, Vice Chairman - Libby Davison, Training & Development - Daniel Smith


Chairman- Daniel Smith, Vice Chairman - Michael Green, Training & Development- Lizzy Anderson 


Chairman - Libby Davison, Vice Chairman- Shaun Sandilands, Training & Development - Nicky Strachan 



Chairman - Shaun Sandilands, Vice Chairman- Nicky Strachan, Training & Development - Pete Favelle 


National Rover Council January Conference Minutes


2013 National Rover Council January Conference Minutes