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Bullying and Harassment Guidelines

***UPDATE: The Bullying E-learning module has now been made available under electives. Click here to check it out! ***

Bullying and Harassment is not acceptable behaviour in the Rover section.

The basis of individual Rovering behaviour is the Scout Promise and Law.

Therefore responsibility rests with all members of the movement to ensure proper behaviour.

Bullying and Harassment impacts on the ability of all members of the Rover section regardless of age, gender, standing to fully participate in and enjoy all of activities of the section.

Bullying and Harassment has short and longer term consequences which detract from the physical and mental health of members of the section.

Where members of the Rover section experience Bullying or Harassment they are encouraged to report it and to seek support from their peers and from the wider support networks available within the movement.

Where members of the Rover section witness Bullying or Harassment, they are encouraged to report it and where possible to render support and assistance to the individuals involved.

Refer to “Identifying and Managing Bullying” Resource document for more information.

Other resources for identifying and managing issues of Bullying and Harassment can be found on the National Rover Website. There is also an e-learning module on Bullying available for Rovers to complete.



Other resources

  • The relevant Branch Commissioner in your state
  • or 24/7 13 11 14 Webchat and email available
  • or 24/7 1800 551 800 Webchat and email available
  • or 24/7 1300 659 467 Webchat and email available