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Rover Scouts Australia is committed to providing current and relevant resources to support Rovering across the country.

Find all your resources on starting a crew, developing good crew programs and the award scheme below.

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Rover Scout Award Scheme

Baden Powell Award Guidelines  [ Download PDF ]

The BP is the highest standard of award within the Scouting Movement. Any Rover can do the Rover BP award, and it is flexible to account for each individual’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. This document is a guide for Rovers looking to do the Baden Powell Scout Award. You will gain an insight into why you may do your BP; what you would get out of it; what’s expected from yourself, and other people involved in Rovers; and some examples of the expectations of standards in achieving this award.

Baden Powell Award Summary  [ Download PDF ]

A great 1 page document that summarises what is required to achieve the Baden Powell Scout Award.

The Rover Award Scheme  [ Download PDF ]

The Rover Award Scheme aims to widen the interests and knowledge of Rovers. Its rationale is based on the Aim and Scout Method, providing fun, friendship, variety, and personal choice through a planned, balanced Program. It is intended to be a challenge and, like all challenges, it will have some parts that the Rover may not really want to do at the time, but will be glad to have experienced on looking back. It is a system for encouraging people to participate in a wide range of activities. Undertaking this Award is entirely the individual’s choice. This document explains the award scheme, what is required of you and what you’ll get out of it.


Promotion of the Rover Scout Section 

99 Ways to Grow Rovers  [ Download PDF ]

This publication can help you to promote your crew, recruit Rovers and through sharing the wonderful experience of Rovers with new people, you will have more fun! We currently have less than 0.5% of the Rover aged population in Rovers. That means there are thousands of people we can introduce to the fantastic thing that is Rovers.

Writing a Press Release  [ Download PDF ]

This document is designed to help people in writing Press Releases about their Rover Crew and the activities they have done. The press release is the most common method of contacting the press, and is used extensively. The press release competes with literally hundreds of others, so it must immediately attract attention and provide information.


Spirituality Resources

Spirituality and Rovers Presentation  [ Download PPT ]

This is a document created to help Rovers to include more spritual items into their programs and to raise the awareness of Spirituality within the Rover Section.

Spirituality and Rovers  [ Download PDF ]

This is a document created to help Rovers to include more spritual items into their programs and to raise the awareness of Spirituality within the Rover Section.


New Rovers and New Rover Crews

Crew Starter Kit  [ Download PDF ]

This document is specific to Queensland but offers those in other states an idea of what is invovled in starting a Rover Crew. This booklet has been written to help you form a new Rover Crew. This guide will help to make your job as simple and painless as possible. Experienced Rovers, who have been through the process of forming a new Crew themselves, have developed this procedure. The suggested steps outlined in this guide are there to assist you in laying the foundations of a successful Crew

Guidelines for Rovering  [ Download PDF ]

This book aims to develop your understanding of the Rover Section as well as providing useful ideas on how to be involved with a successful Rover Crew. This book is an introductory guide to Rovering, designed to help new Rovers develop an understanding of the structure and operations of the Rover Section, and what it is that makes Rovers “tick”. It will introduce you to the basics of Rovering, including what you might expect to get out of Rovers, and what you will need to put into it to achieve your aims. 


National Rover Council

National Rover Council Standing Resolutions 2012 [Download PDF ] 


Rover Motorsport

National Scout Motorsport Safety Management System  [ Download PDF ]

The NRC Motorsport policy that was adopted in 2003. The procedures contained in this resource detail the minimum standards and responsibilities for the safe organisation and management of a competitive off-road driving event. The procedures apply to competitive off-road driving events including but not limited to Banana Bash, Mud Bash, Bush Baja and Sand Blast. These procedures do not apply to any on road driving events or events involving 4WDing


Publications by Baden-Powell

Rovering to Success [ View Resource ]

Scout Scan Canada has an online version of Rovering to Success. Each chapter can be read separately and a printable version is available.


Rover Advisers

Rover Adviser Position Description  [ Download PDF ]

The national position description for Rover Advisers. It outlines the formal requirements and duties of the position, as well as including some procedural information.

This was adopted by the National Adults in Scouting Committee in November 2013.

Rover Adviser Expectations  [ Download PDF ]

What is expected of a Rover Adviser? This is a rough guide on what the duties of a Rover Adviser entails. Your Branch Rover Councils has printed copies available for Rover Crews to use.


Other Documents

Empowering Young Adults - Guidelines for the Rover Scout Section [Download PDF]

This document has been developed by WOSM as guidelines on how to develop and implement the Rover Scout Section. It deals with the Where, What and Why of Rover Scouts, as well as the topic of Youth Involvement.