Rovers Australia

Social Networking Policy

Rover Scouts Australia recognises the need to promote the responsible use of social networking to all Australian Rovers.

The NRC Social Networking Policy forms the basis of the acceptable standard of behaviour for all members of the Rover Scout Section when using Social Networking.

Social Networking use is a contemporary social issue with particular relevance to the Rover Scout Section age group.

In adopting the policy, the Rover Scout section seeks to raise awareness of the issue, to educate its members on what is appropriate social networking use, to help its members to develop skills to utilise social networking in a positive fashion and to provide access to further resources and support.

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Rovers Australia Social Networking Policy


Other Resources

Cybersmart (

The Australian Communications and Media Authoriy has developed a Cybersmart website as part of the Australian Government's cyber-safety program. This site contains activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kids, teens and parents safely enjoy the online world, as well as training and resources for schools and materials for library staff.

Facebook Safety Centre

Facebook has developed a ‘Safety Centre’ which offers advice to users about general internet safety, as well as specific advice on issues of particular concern to parents, teenagers, educators and law enforcement officials. The Safety Centre provides users with options for dealing with and reporting suspected sexual predators, cyber-bullies, offensive, inappropriate and abusive behaviour, and suicidal content.

Facebook Safety Page (

Facebook has also developed a Safety Page to complement its Safety Centre. You can "Like" the page to be regularly updated with content - including tips from Facebook's Safety Advisory Board and other.

Cyber-safety at Telstra

When it comes to cyber-safety, everybody needs to know how to stay safe online at all times. Telstra's comprehensive cyber-safety website will provide you with some of the tools you'll need to help you to stay safe online - no matter what your age, online interests or skill level. experts - to keep you and your family safe while using Facebook or surfing the internet.