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Your Baden Powell Support Team

An important outcome from the Rover Review Implementation Team is the formation of your Baden Powell Scout Award Support Team, a national network of members empowered to support your progress through the award scheme.

What Is RRIT?

The Rover Review Implementation Team (RRIT) is a group which was created as a result of the recommendations of the Rover Review; Rovering Toward 2020.

This team, made up of current and recently booted Rovers is tasked with working on the finer details of some of the Review recommendations and preparing them for implementation.

You can check out the Recommendations that the Rover Review team made here.

Rovering Towards 2020 Recommendations [View Here]

RRIT Recommendations Fact Sheets

In 2010, a review was undertaken of the Rover Scout Section. The full report Rovering Towards 2020 made 19 recommendations for enhancing the Rover Scout program.

In early 2012, a Rover Review Implementation Team (RRIT), chaired by Leah Bach, and consisting of Shaun Sandilands, Matthew Ray, Ayden Mackenzie, Mathew McKernan, Andrew Tremain, and John Clarke and Reg Williams (ex-officio members) was appointed. The RRIT  were tasked with implementing 16 of the review recommendations.

Guidance and information on the outcomes of the work taken to implement the recommendations are captured in the Fact Sheets below.


Recomendation  #1 Purpose and Aims

Recomendation  #2 Section Name Change

Recomendation  #3 Young Adults

Recomendation  #4 Rover Scout Age Range

Recomendation  #5 Links with Groups & Districts

Recomendation  #6 Deleted Recommendations

Recomendation  #7 Rover Governance

  • Recommendation 7 became an NRC review into the structure and function of rover governance. A March 2014 interim report is available for people to read and comment on.

Recomendation  #8 More flexable programing

Recomendation  #9 Award Scheme

Recomendation  #10 Training

Recomendation  #11 Rover Advisers

Recomendation  #12 Knighthood Theme

Recomendation  #13 A Definition of Service

Recomendation  #14 Attracting existing members

Recomendation  #15 Pathways out of Rovers

Recomendation  #16 Effective Communication

Recomendation  #17 A Web-based Network

Recomendation  #18 NRC Advisor

Recomendation  #19 The Rover Review Implementation Team

 * factsheets will be published as they become available